Monday, July 20, 2009

Battle of the creative teams

Battle of the creative teams is a contest that I am participating in at It will last 4 weeks and our team just finished our first challenge. It was on the use of white space which is basically negative space you leave on your page. The point is that "white space" should draw you into the photos and layout. It doesn't have to be white, just empty. It's should bring somewhat of a dramatic effect.
So I am posting this hoping some of you that read this blog will vote for my team, the Cowbell Crew. Here is the page with our layouts
My user name is mom2peanuts (first layout on the page)
and you can vote here: if you think we deserve it of course :) Remember we are the Cowbell Crew. Off to post this on facebook now too.

Some pages

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's new?!

The biggest news around here is that Alexis started crawling two days ago. I would've been happy if she had waited another month or two but she was getting very frustrated with not being able to move so this is better. We are in trouble now, she gets into everything :)
Here are some of the pages I've made lately